About Norfolk Badminton

Rules and Information

Officers and Committee

  • President: Maureen Lincoln
  • Chairman: Simon Piff
  • Secretary: Helaine Wyett
  • Treasurer: Sally Piff
  • BE Council Representative: Simon Piff
  • Match Secretary: Louise Culyer
  • Coaching Secretary: Robin Cooper
  • Press Officer: Vacancy
  • County Veterans Secretary: Jenny Longmore
  • County Tournament Secretary: Simon Piff
  • Registration Secretary: Robin Cooper
  • Schools Secretary: Maureen Lincoln
  • Junior Sub-Committee Representative: Maureen Lincoln
  • Norwich & District League Representative: Robin Cole
  • Child Welfare Officer: Sarah Thompson
  • Honorary Auditor: Simon Piff
  • Committee Members: Coral Warren, Mike Stevenson.

Norfolk Schools Officers

  • President: Mike Stevenson
  • Chairperson: Gillian Holman
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Maureen Lincoln
  • League Secretary: Ann Croft
  • Tournament Secretary: Robin Cooper